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Newark Pelvic Pain Specialist  – Finding the Right

While a regular gynecologist or OB/GYN may treat occasional mild pelvic pain with drug therapy, severe pelvic pain requires a pelvic pain specialist in order to get the job done properly. Unfortunately, there is much incorrect information out there concerning pelvic pain specialists, and this can lead to an endless series of wrong diagnoses and often worsening pain. Misinformation about a specialist’s duties is especially prevalent in women’s health. A primary care physician treats only symptoms of illness and often not the underlying cause. This type of care leads many women to believe that they have a problem when they actually do not. Click here for more Center for Vascular Medicine – Union – Newark Pelvic Pain Specialist

A good way to start the hunt for a good specialist is to ask your friends and family if they have ever seen or heard of a specialist called a pelvic pain specialist. If they have, ask them what they thought of the experience. What types of treatment were they able to receive? Were the symptoms handled properly? Did the practitioner make you feel comfortable with what was going on and did she explain what she would do next?

Pelvic pain and gynecologic issues can be frightening and debilitating, but finding the right help is possible. In fact, many gynecologic doctors are skilled at managing a number of different problems from infertility to chronic pelvic pain, using a variety of different treatment options. For help seeking a competent gynecologic doctor, your best bet is to ask your own doctor or those of your friends and family who may have had similar circumstances.