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Unplugged Games – An Info

Unplugged Games, The scoop: Line up the free games, unplug the phones and enjoy a summer afternoon playing card or board games with your children for Family Fun Time on Sunday afternoon. There are also other family friendly activities that you can plan around Unplugged Games. Bring the kids, make it a game night with the neighborhood kids and have a blast. Get More Information

For this particular game night, I made a post on our wall of ideas for Unplugged Games. You can use the Unplugged Games for any number of situations: an after school snack, a quiet sit-down with a friend, or just to help keep your kids quiet during a game. Here are a few examples: A phone game where you “get the phone to ring” when someone answers the phone; a matching game in which two people are hidden and the first person to find the other must call them before the other gets to the hidden person; or a treasure hunt in which a child finds a hidden object. As long as there is room for one more person to join in, you will have a great time with this game.

When you do bring the phone in, make it a point to hide it as well. This way, they don’t have to charge their cell phone and possibly get a phone call while they are trying to play Unplugged Games. You can even have the kids record themselves and play the game as a group. It’s a great way to have fun together and teach your child a few fun skills, all at the same time!