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Reality of Infinity Painting

There are numerous options available. Some artists favour tiny ink strokes, while others prefer thicker lines. There is a plethora of high-quality art drawing pens on the market, the most of which use ink cartridges but have a variety of nib sizes and types. Visit your local art supply store for assistance in making your decision. Some artists prefer to use a felt pen with a thin tip or a regular black ballpoint pen. Make sure your pen medium is water resistant if you’re going to perform a watercolour wash. The only way to figure out what works best for you is to experiment with several options. That’s what I did a long time ago, and I discovered that my preferred tool is a plain black ballpoint pen. I discovered that a ballpoint can get a fluid, more spontaneous look, which is what I prefer.Visit Infinity Painting for more details.

Complete the pen work, beginning with the roof and wall’s primary architectural lines. Then apply shadowing and contrast to give the image more definition where it’s needed. For a more professional end product, use a set square or ruler on the key vertical and horizontal lines. To make your creative work fascinating and appealing, provide good contrast between differences in light and shadow. The criteria I set for my house portrait pen drawings is that they must be good enough to stand alone as works of art, accurately and aesthetically capturing the subject.

In fact, some artists prefer not to apply a watercolour wash to their pen painting at all. Another alternative is to use a grey-tone wash on the drawing. These creative decisions are purely a matter of personal and artistic taste.

The watercolour wash, in my opinion, gives life and character to the room and helps to reflect the home’s distinct identity. You’re merging two unique creative disciplines, pen drawing and watercolour painting, with the pen and watercolour wash techniques, and the outcome can be a bright blend of detail, precision, and colour if done effectively.