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Increase Sales Using Web Analytics Data in Smart Ways

Making Decisions Based on Data
I started reading Avinash Kaushik’s Web Analytics 2.0, which has genuinely opened my eyes to the huge value of freely available data. I also read his blog, which is informative and well-written. read here
The Trinity Methodology
Avinash’s Blog Post on the Trinity Mindset: Experience -> Behavior -> Outcome
In that the major purpose of the business is to increase sales, the trinity attitude is beneficial to generating sales for an ecommerce website. Increased income is the result of tailoring the experience to fit what testing and consumer feedback suggest. This concept is a fantastic way to look at any online business. Rather than the inferences and assumptions inherent in funnels and other linear models, a cyclical approach delivers data accountability.
Only the What is Clickstream Data.
Like most digital marketers, I’ve been using Google analytics’ clickstream data to generate reports on what my consumers are doing on my site. Is it this or that link that they’re clicking on? What did they purchase? There are other reports that may be generated from this data, but they all revolve around what the customer did while on the site. The why is assumed or speculated at by those in authority in the meanwhile. It is my responsibility as a marketer to deliver relevant, actionable data to support proposals made to the business owner.
A Shift in Perspective
The trinity and web analytics 2.0 represent entirely new ways of thinking about data possibilities and the constraints of relying solely on clickstream data to try to figure out why customers do what they do. Making intelligent use of the free data at my disposal will provide me with significantly more insight into their motives and goals. In terms of outcomes, this more comprehensive approach will give higher-quality marketing contributions to the business. There’s a lot to learn about web metrics, and the amount of stuff I’ve bookmarked to read is incredible.