Speed Clean Truck Wash: Secrets Revealed

“Speed Clean Truck Washes” by Rich Little, 4 Seasons Press, 2021 “Speed Clean” is the latest book by Rich Little. It is a practical guide to truck care that explains how to keep your truck looking like new while saving money and time. With ELD’s a quick and efficient wash is key as a used truck sitting idling can cost over $300/hr. We are a world-class truck wash with an underbody wash. We use automation as well to augment our staff not just replace them. Speed Clean Truck Wash is an excellent resource for this.

“Speed Clean Truck Washes” is the answer for truck owners seeking not only a quick wash but also a quality cleaning. To compete with other car washes we must be faster, more efficient, and cheaper. The book describes a new innovation in truck cleaning which uses a robotic system for a complete truck cleaning. The author talks about his experience of working with NASA space missions and how his work with the space shuttle program. He has had many years of experience cleaning, washing, and detailing trucks.

“Speed Clean Truck Washes” is a positive book for anyone who cares about their company or budget, waste, resources, and operations. The book details many problems as well as solutions. The author shows how to design a quality washroom that can be designed to fit into a small space, yet provide everything needed for a professional truck wash. There are many ways to clean a truck and the author covers some of these techniques in great detail. Overall this is a good book for anyone who needs information on why the company needs to be cleaning up its trucks, how they can design the wash room, and how they can insure the clean is done properly. For the company owner it is a great read to help optimize their company’s resources.