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It is a widely held belief that bank valuations can never be trusted, and that their estimates are always cautious by any standard. Property owners who believe bank valuations are inaccurate are mistaken. Remember that property evaluators are independent contractors that provide an unbiased assessment of the home they are assessing. Valuations VIC, Melbourne is an excellent resource for this. They can’t afford to make a mistake because their findings can be challenged in court, and opposing results might damage the company’s reputation and even lead to it being placed on blacklists. As a result, the likelihood of an evaluator working for the benefit of any institution, much alone a bank, is extremely remote, and property owners may entirely trust their conclusions.


It is a popular misconception that adding extra bedrooms to a residential house increases its worth; nevertheless, this is a completely false idea. With family sizes reducing and room space modification the latest buzzword, the extra bedroom is no longer a necessity in today’s world. For optimal space utilisation, a rising number of people transform such areas into a home office or study. As a result, anyone seeking an estimate of a residential property’s value should compute the total accessible area rather than counting the bedrooms.

People who believe that real estate values can only go up have never seen anything but the contrary. The upward trend in property value is an indicator of solid economic conditions, but this does not guarantee that it will continue to be such in the future. When things are going well, smart individuals take advantage of the situation rather than waiting for the tides to turn or property prices to rise further. After all, making hay while the sun shines is always a smart idea. Real Estate Valuation Myths can instil optimism even when there is no reason to rejoice. As a result, it is vital to distinguish between fact and fiction and make informed decisions when appropriate.

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