William Bentley MacLeod


1975 Queen’s University, Mathematics, B.A., with distinction.

1979 Queen’s University, Mathematics, M.Sc (Thesis: On observers for non-linear dynamic systems).

1984 University of British Columbia, Economics, Ph.D (Thesis: Perspectives on Oligopoly Theory).

Academic appointments

2005- Professor of Economics and International & Public Affairs, Columbia University.

2006- Affiliated Columbia Faculty, Columbia Law School.

2008-2011 Director, American Law and Economics Association.


2005 Elected Fellow of the Econometric Society.

2002 H. Gregg Lewis prize, awarded every two years by the Society of Labor Economists.

1981 Dal Grauer Memorial Prize for Economics, University of British Columbia.

1973 William Coombs Baker Prize for Physics, Queen’s University (highest grade in first year physics).

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