Thorsten Hens

Thorsten Hens


1996                Habilitation,BonnUniversity

1992                PhD,BonnUniversity(European Doctoral Programme)

1988                Diploma in Economics,BonnUniversity

1984                Bachelor in Computer Science,BonnUniversity

1981                Abitur, Engelbert von Berg Gymnasium, Wipperfürth

Academic appointments

2007-              Head of the Department of Banking and Finance (former Swiss Banking Institute),University of Zurich,Switzerland

2006 –            Full Professor for Financial Economics, Department of Banking and Finance, University of Zurich,Switzerland

1999 – 06       Full Professor for Financial Markets and Monetary Macroeconomics, Institute for Empirical Research in Economics,University of Zurich,Switzerland

1996 – 99       Professor for Economic Theory,University of Bielefeld,Germany

1992 – 96       Assistant Professor, Economics Department II (Prof. Werner Hildenbrand),Bonn University,Germany

1988 – 92        Research Assistant and Lecturer, Economics Department II (Prof. Werner Hildenbrand),Bonn University,Germany

Publications related to this theme

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Other publications

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