Stephen Morris

Stephen Morris


Yale University, Ph.D. (Economics) 1991

Cambridge University, B.A. with 1st Class Honours (Mathematics and Economics) 1985

Academic appointments

Princeton University: Alexander Stewart 1886 Professor of Economics 2007- present; Professor of Economics, 2005-2007

Yale University: Professor of Economics, 1998-2005

University of Pennsylvania: Assistant Professor, 1991-1996; Associate Professor, 1996-1998

Selected Publications

“Finite Bubbles with Short Sales Constraints and Asymmetric Information” (with Franklin Allen and Andrew Postlewaite), Journal of Economic Theory 61 (1993), 206-229.

“Speculative Investor Behavior and Learning,” Quarterly Journal of Economics 111 (1996), 1111-1133.

“Contagion,” Review of Economic Studies 67 (2000), 57-78.

“Game Theory and Finance Applications” (with Franklin Allen), in Advances in Business Applications of Game Theory, edited by Chatterjee and Samuelson. Kluwer (2001).

“The Social Value of Public Information” (with Hyun Song Shin), American Economic Review 92 (2002), 1521-1534.

“Does One Soros Make a Difference? A Theory of Currency Crises with Large and Small Traders” (with Amil Dasgupta, Giancarlo Corsetti and Hyun Song Shin), Review of Economic Studies 71 (2004), 87-114.

“Coordination Risk and the Price of Debt” (with Hyun Song Shin), European Economic Review 48 (2004), 133-153.

“Catalytic Finance: When Does It Work?” (with Hyun Song Shin), Journal of International Economics 70 (2006), 161-177.

“Risk and Wealth in a Model of Self-Fulfilling Currency Crises” (with Bernardo Guimaraes), Journal of Monetary Economics 54 (2007), 2205-2230.

“Financial Regulation in a System Context” (with Hyun Song Shin), Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (Fall 2008), 229-261.

“Robust Mechanism Design” (with Dirk Bergemann).  World Scientific Press (2012).

Contagious Adverse Selection” (with Hyun Song Shin), American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 4 (2012), 1-21.

“Robust Predictions in Games of Incomplete Information” (with Dirk Bergemann), Fisher-Schultz lecture, Econometrica  81 (2013), 1251-1308.