Roger Wets

Department of Mathematics, University of California, Davis.

Fields of specialization

Constructive theory, numerics & applications: Equilibirum and optimization, especially in an uncertain environment; Variational Analysis; Statistical estimation, in particular with poor and extremely poor data information; Mathematical Finance.


Ph.D. Engineering Sciences (1965), Univ. California, Berkeley, (G.B. Dantzig & D. Blackwell)

Licence, Applied Economics (1961), Universit´e de Bruxelles, Belgium


Distinguished Research Professor of Mathematics, (2009-. . .);

Research Associate, Universidad de Chile, Centro de Modelamiento Matematico (1992-. . .)

& Instituto Sistemas Complejos de Ingeniera (2008-. . .);

& Chilean node: Institute for New Economic Thinking, Soros Foundation (2011-. . .);

Co-director, Financial Engineering & Risk Management, International University, Ho Chi Minh (2011-. . .);

Professor, University of California, Davis, 1984-1997, Distinguished Professor 1997-2009;

Academic Associate, IBM Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights 1986-1994;

Project Leader, International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, 1980-1984 (acting 1985-1987);

Professor of Mathematics, University of Kentucky, 1972-1984;

Ford Professor, University of Chicago, 1970-1972;

Boeing Scientific Research Labs, 1964-1970;

Operation Manager, Cartonneries d’Alsemberg (family-business), 1955-1960.

Honors & Awards:

1977-78 University Research Profesor, University of Kentucky

1982-1984 Guggenheim Fellow

1993 Foreign Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

1994 (SIAM/MPS) G.B. Dantzig Prize in Mathematical Programming

1998 Lanchester Prize (INFORMS) for the book ‘Variational Analysis’

2003 Doctor Honoris Causa, Universit¨at Wien

Others: 1975 CNRS Fellowship, Grenoble. 1983 Norwegian Research Fellowship. 1984 CNRS Fellowship, Paris IX (Dauphine). 1991 Erskine Fellowship (NZ), 2002 ISI Highly Cited (Mathematics),

2004 Pioneer Award from the Stochastic Programming Scoiety.

Distinguished Lectures: Duncan Lectures-Johns Hopkins University (March 2000), Baptist University of Hong Kong (January 2011), Polytechnic University of Hong Kong (February 2011), Ho Chi Minh International University (February 2011), New York University (March 2011), Ostrom Lectures-Washington University (April 2011), City University of Hong Kong (February 2013).