Patrick Bolton

Patrick Bolton


Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Politiques): September 1976–June 1979, Section Service Public: (B.A. in Political Science).

University of Cambridge (Churchill College): September 1980–June 1982, B.A. in Economics (First Class Honours).

London School of Economics: September 1982–June 1983, M.Sc. in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics, September 1983–1984, M.Phil. in Economics (first year for the Ph.D.).

London School of Economics: April–July 1986, Completion of the Ph.D. in Economics. Thesis: The Role of Contracts in Industrial Organization Theory.

Academic appointments

Assistant Professor, University of California at Berkeley, Department of Economics; August 1986–July 1987.

Assistant Professor, Harvard University, Department of Economics; August 1987–1990 (on leave for the academic year 1989–1990).

Chargé de Recherche, Laboratoire d’Econometrie de l’Ecole Polytechnique, (Paris) 1989–1991.

Cassel Professor of Economics with special reference to Money and Banking, London School of Economics, September 1991–1994.

Senior Research Fellow at Center, Tilburg University, January 1996–June 1998.

John H. Scully ’66 Professor of Finance, Princeton University, September 1998–2005.

Barbara and David Zalaznick Professor of Business, Graduate School of Business and Department of Economics, Columbia University, September 2005-Present

Member of the Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University, September 2008-Present

Co-Director of the Center for Contract and Economic Organization, Columbia Law School


Fellow, Econometric Society (elected 1993).

Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (elected 2009)

Publications related to this theme

“Strategic Experimentation,” with Christopher Harris, Econometrica, March 1999.

“Strategic Experimentation: the Undiscounted Case”, with Christopher Harris, in “Incentives, Organization and Public Economics: Papers in Honour of Sir James Mirrlees”, Peter Hammond and Gareth Myles (eds.) Oxford University Press, 2000.

“Executive Compensation and Short-termist Behavior in Speculative Markets”, with José Scheinkman and Wei Xiong, The Review of Economic Studies, 2006, 73, 577-611.

“Pay for Short-Term Performance: Executive Compensation in Speculative Markets”, with José Scheinkman and Wei Xiong, The Journal of Corporation Law, 2006, 30(4), 721-748.


Test working paper


Other publications

“Thinking Ahead: The Decision Problem”, with Antoine Faure-Grimaud, Review of Economic Studies, 2009.

“Satisficing Contracts”, with Antoine Faure-Grimaud, Review of Economic Studies, July 2010.

“Outside and Inside Liquidity”, with Tano Santos, and José Scheinkman,  Quarterly Journal of Economics, forthcoming (2011)