Mordecai Kurz

Mordecai Kurz


1954-57: B.A., Economics and Political Science,HebrewUniversity,Jerusalem

1958: M.A., Economics,YaleUniversity,New Haven,Connecticut

1960: M.S., Statistics,Stanford University,California

1962: Ph.D., Economics,YaleUniversity,New Haven,Connecticut

Academic appointments

1961-1962: Research Associate, Institute for Mathematical Studies in the Social Sciences,StanfordUniversity

1962-1963: Assistant Professor of Economics,StanfordUniversity

1963-1964: Lecturer in Economics,HebrewUniversity

1964-1966: Senior Lecturer in Economics,HebrewUniversity

1966-1967: Visiting Associate Professor of Economics,StanfordUniversity

1967-1968: Associate Professor of Economics,StanfordUniversity

1971-1989: Director of Economics, the Institute of Mathematical Studies in the Social Sciences

1969-2010: Professor of Economics,StanfordUniversity

1997-2010: Joan Kenney Professor of Economics

2010- : Joan Kenney Professor of Economics, Emeritus

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