Marc Chesney


1994 Post Graduates Studies«Habilitation à diriger des recherches» University Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne

1989 Ph. D. in Finance, obtained with distinction, unanimous awarded by the Jury University of Geneva

1986 Diploma in Economics of University of Geneva

1984 Diploma of Advanced Studies in Econometrics DEA University Diderot / Paris VII

1983 Diploma of Advanced Studies in Applied Mathematics DEAUniversity Diderot / Paris VII

1981 Master’s Degree in pure and applied Mathematics University Diderot / Paris VII

1980 Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics University Diderot / Paris VII

1979 Scientific Undergraduate Diploma DEUG University Diderot / Paris VII

Academic appointments

Professor of Finance, Department of Banking and Finance, University of Zurich from 2003 to present.

Vice Director, Department of Banking and Finance, University of Zurich from 2008 to present

Head of Research Priority Program (RPP): “Finance and Financial Markets” from 2005 to present


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Other Publications

2010 Enseignement de la finance: la crise a-t-elle eu lieu? Published by: Le Temps, October 2010.

2010 Wie sich Lebensversicherungsverträge in Wetten auf den Tod wandeln. Published by: Der Schweizer Treuhänder, October 2010.

2010 Les Paris sur la mort, le jeu dangereux des banques. Published by: Le Temps, Januar 2010.

2009 De l’inefficacité des modèles économiques en temps de crise. Published by: Le Temps, October 2009.