Hyun Song Shin


DPhil Economics, Oxford University (Nuffield College), 1988

BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Oxford University, First Class, 1985

Academic Appointments

Princeton University: Hughes-Rogers Professor of Economics, 2006 –

Republic of Korea: Adviser to the President for the International Economy, 2010

International Monetary Fund: Resident Scholar, 2005

Bank for International Settlements: Academic Visitor, 2001, 2002, 2003

Bank of England: Adviser, 2000 – 2005

London School of Economics: Professor of Finance, 2000 – 2005

Nuffield College: Faculty Fellow in Economics, 1996 – 2000

University of Southampton: Professor of Economics, 1994 – 1996

University College, Oxford: Tutorial Fellow, 1990 – 1994

Magdalen College, Oxford: Research Fellow, 1988 – 1990

Selected Publications

“Illiquidity Component of Credit Risk” (with Stephen Morris).

Risk and Liquidity, 2008 Clarendon Lectures in Finance, OUP, May 2010.

Squam Lake Report: Fixing the Financial System (with Kenneth R. French et al.), Princeton University Press, June 2010.

“Liquidity and Leverage” (with Tobias Adrian), Journal of Financial Intermediation 19 (3), 418-437, 2010.

“Reflections on Northern Rock: The Bank Run that Heralded the Global Financial Crisis,” Journal of Economic Perspectives 23-1, 101-119 (Winter 2009).

“Financial Regulation in a System Context” (with Stephen Morris), Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Fall 2008, 229-274.

“Beauty Contests and Iterated Expectations in Asset Markets” (with Franklin Allen and Stephen Morris), Review of Financial Studies 19, 719 – 752 (2006).

“Liquidity Black Holes” (with Stephen Morris), Review of Finance 8, 1-18 (2004).

“Unique Equilibrium in a Model of Self-Fulfilling Currency Attacks” (with Stephen Morris), American Economic Review 88, 587-597 (1998).