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The most important reason for installing a new roof on your home is the ability to keep your home warm during the winter months. Many people have neglected their roof lately, thinking that the rain and other inclement weather will keep them from having adequate protection against the elements. In fact, if your roof gets damaged, the opposite occurs as the rain can cause leaks in your home and the wind can blow debris around. Over time, if you neglect your roof, you may begin to see visible signs of damage such as buckling, peeling, and frayed areas on the surface of your roof. All of these things happen as a result of improper installation or poor maintenance of your roof. Visit us for great deals in Clark Roofing & Siding Inc, Virginia Beach

Improper installation is another major cause of roof damage. Often, when you have a roof installed, the roofing company will provide the proper instructions as to what kind of material to use, the type of flashing they recommend, and other important details that you should be aware of. If you do not follow the instructions precisely or if you install the roofing materials incorrectly, your roof could develop several problems including leaky ceilings, missing shingles, and other structural damages. Unfortunately, it’s not just the roofing materials that can develop problems – sometimes the shingles themselves can break off or get damaged due to improper installation or bad installation techniques. This is why it’s so important to hire a professional roofing and siding companies to install your roof, to ensure everything is installed correctly.
Although most people assume that installing new roofs means having to purchase brand new shingles, in many cases, the siding on your home is actually old and needs to be replaced. Old siding can develop cracks, splits, and other imperfections from years of exposure to moisture, while other types of siding can rot from the elements or other reasons. In this case, your siding may need to be replaced with better-quality cedar shakes or other materials that will resist rotting and other rotting damage. Whether you choose cement, vinyl, or other materials, you will want to hire professionals to install your new roof and replace your siding.


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