How To Translate A Movie To English Subtitles – An Easy Way To Improve Your Viewing Experience

A question I get a lot is “How to translate a movie to English subtitles so that I can watch it in the first time while on vacation?” It is very common for people in the USA, UK and other English speaking countries to want to watch movies with English subtitles. Unfortunately, many movie distributors do not provide this service. They make a movie available in the language of the movie maker or the country where the movie was made, but have no intention of releasing it in other languages. This forces us to use translation services which are often not very accurate or up to date. Have a look at for more info on this.

Using a good translation service is an important part of taking time to understand a movie. By paying a little bit extra to get the right subtitles, you can be sure that you will understand all of the nuances of the movie. Watching the movie with the new understanding can be a time well spent.

I once saw a movie called “Desperate Housewives” which got me hooked. The way that the movie was done and the way the subtitles were performed made it extremely easy to follow the story. I found myself going back to that movie time again because of the great work put into it. If you have the opportunity to see an older movie, I recommend it. The difference between that movie and the new releases is kind of amazing.