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“Looking for high quality dental care in Perth Australia? At Odin House Dental Surgery we are Medibank, Bupa and HBF and are expert in all areas of dental medicine. Odin House Dental Surgery, Innaloo is an excellent resource for this. From routine cleanings and check ups to full fillings, invisible bands, crowns, bridges, whitening and dentures, we offer comprehensive dental services for the whole family. From Sydney to Adelaide and everywhere in between, we treat patients from all walks of life. “We welcome emergency appointments and welcome new patients. To book an appointment with one of our specialists call, 0208 7041.”


“Odin house dental surgery in Perth is recommended by dentists, surgeons and dental technicians. “I came across the clinic during my recent travel to Adelaide. I saw that they had a very congenial atmosphere. The staff were friendly and seemed genuinely interested in me and what I had to say. After having a look around I can honestly say that I have not found another dental practice like it anywhere. I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in the door, even if their hours were only starting at 4pm, and the staff were friendly and helpful during my consultation.

“After having an extremely thorough dental check up, I felt very confident about making an appointment to have x-rays and a crown put in. “The surgeon was very gentle and careful during the procedure. “I was delighted when I saw the finished crown. “- Greg, from odin house dental surgery in Perth Australia. “I thoroughly enjoyed the entire dental procedure. “- David B., from North Ryde.

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Odin House Dental Surgery
3/8 Odin Rd, Innaloo, WA 6018
Phone no: (08) 9445 7788