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Vinyl Windows is extremely popular windows, made of vinyl, a strong yet lightweight plastic. They can be found in many different styles, sizes and finishes, which make them very flexible to install. Overall, vinyl windows deliver a good bang for the buck. But, despite all the benefits, vinyl windows still remain the gold standard when it comes to the replacement window market. CVP Windows & Doors, Newport News is an excellent resource for this.

Vinyl windows have many advantages over their aluminum and wood counterparts. For starters, vinyl windows are more energy efficient than their wooden counterparts and up to four times more energy efficient than the aluminum counterparts. In addition to this, vinyl windows can resist extreme heat and cold much better than comparable products, like aluminum windows, and they are able to withstand extremely high temperatures as well. This means that if you’re considering installing new windows into your home, you should seriously consider going with vinyl. It is extremely durable and will not have any negative effects on your home or on the environment, unlike most other window options that exist today.

One disadvantage to vinyl windows is that they are not completely weatherproof. Although, this is easily resolved by installing weatherproofing strips around the perimeter of the entire window frame, this will not keep the elements from permeating inside the vinyl. If you live in an area that experiences high winds, hurricanes, heavy rain, and even temperature changes, then you may want to consider choosing another type of window. However, even if you do choose another type of window, you should definitely consider purchasing vinyl windows, as they provide excellent durability and weatherproofing. If you live in an area that does experience any of these factors, then by all means, go with vinyl windows.

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