Fourth INEXC Conference, 22-23 February 2014, New York



Conference Location: 5 Washington Place (corner of Mercer St. and Washington Place)

Room 101 (First Floor Auditorium)

Saturday, February 22: Inattention and Economic Choice

- 8:30-9:35:

Fernando Alvarez (Chicago), Francesco Lippi (Istituto Einaudi), and Luigi Paciello (Istituto Einaudi), “Monetary Shocks in a Model with Inattentive Producers”

Discussant:  Leonardo Melosi (Chicago Fed)

- 9.35-10:40

James Costain (Banco de España) and Anton Nakov (ECB), “Logit Price Dynamics”

Discussant:  Luminita Stevens (U. Maryland)


-BREAK: 10:40-10:55


Stephen Morris (Princeton) and Ming Yang (Duke), “Endogenous Information Acquisition, Continuous Choice, and Approximate Common Knowledge”

Discussant:  Tomasz Strzalecki (Harvard)

-LUNCH: 12:00-1:30


Xavier Gabaix (NYU), “Sparse Dynamic Programming and Aggregate Fluctuations”

Discussant:   W. Bentley MacLeod (Columbia)


Amos Arieli (Weitzman Institute), Yaniv Ben-Ami (Yale), and Ariel Rubinstein (Tel-Aviv, NYU), “Tracking Decision-makers under Uncertainty”

Discussant:  Andrew Caplin (NYU)

-BREAK: 3:40-3:55


Michael Woodford (Columbia), “Perceptual Coding and Stochastic Choice”

Discussant:  Aldo Rustichini (U. of Minnesota)

-DINNER: 7:00


Sunday, February 23: Information and Coordination 


Ana Babus (Chicago Fed): “Trading and Information Diffusion in OTC Markets” (with Peter Kondor (Central European University))

Discussant: Wei Xiong (Princeton)


Itay Goldstein (Wharton): “Stress Tests and Information Disclosure” (with Yaron Leitner (Philadelphia FED))

Discussant: Emir Karmenica (Chicago Booth)

-BREAK: 10:40-10:55


Pablo Kurlat (Stanford): “Asset Markets and Heterogeneous Information”

Discussant: Alp Simsek (MIT)

-LUNCH: 12:00-1:30


Venky Venkateswaran (NYU-Stern): “Information, Misallocation and Aggregate Productivity” (with Joel David and Hugo Hopenhayn)

Discussant: Jennifer La’O (Columbia)


Hyun Song Shin (Princeton):  “Risk Taking Channel of Monetary Policy: A Global Game Approach” (with Stephen Morris (Princeton))

Discussant: Michael Woodford (Columbia)

-BREAK: 3:40-3:55


Jakub Steiner (Northwestern-Kellog): “Price Distortions in High Frequency Markets” (with Collin Stewart (Toronto))

Discussant: Peter Kondor (Central European University)

Download the program here