Third INEXC Conference, 24-25 June 2013, Paris



Salle 5- Collège de France, 11 Place Marcelin Berthelot, 75005, Paris

Monday June 24th

Morning: 10.15am- 12.15pm

-        10.15am-11.15am: Steve Morris (Princeton), “Rational Expectations Equilibria with Unknown Information Structures”. [Video]

-        11.15am-12.15pm:  Maurizio Motolese (Milano and Stanford), “Diverse rational beliefs and the stock market”. [Video]

Afternoon: 2.15pm-6.00pm

-        2.15pm-3.15pm: Michela Verardo (London School of Economics), “Trading empirical facts on the stock market: an introductory overview”.

-        3.20pm-3.50pm: Stephen Le Roy (Un. California), “Stock market modeling under forecastable returns.” [Video]

-        4.00pm-4.35pm: Bernard Dumas (INSEAD), “Differences of Opinion and International Equity Markets”.  [Video]

Break: 4.35pm

-        4.45pm -6.00pm: A session on economic history and the stock market.

  • Christophe Chamley (Paris): “Bubbles in emerging financial markets: France and England around 1720″. [Video]
  • Angelo Riva (Paris):  ”Organization and Functioning of the French Securities Markets at the Belle Epoque”. [Video]


Tuesday June 25th

Morning: 9.30am-12.15pm

-        9.30am-10.30am: George Evans (Oregon), “Learning and the stock market”. [Video]

-        10.30am-11.30am: Albert Marcet (Barcelona), ”Learning about asset prices”. [Video]

-        11.40am-12.15pm: Daan in’t Veld (Amsterdam), “Heterogeneity and crises”. [Video]

Afternoon:  2.00pm-6.00pm

-        2.00pm-2.50pm: Gabriel Desgranges (Paris), “Eductively stable transmission of information: a survey”. [Video]

  • Discussant: Elchanan Ben Porath (Jerusalem).[Video]

-        3.00pm-5.30pm: Shorter presentations.

  • Stéphane Gauthier (Paris): “Privileged information exacerbates…volatility”. [Video]
  • Olivier Gossner. (Paris): “Coordination under private monitoring”. [Video]
  • Walt Pohl (Zurich): “Solving asset pricing models: a statistical approach”. [Video]

Break: 4.30pm

-        4.40pm-5.30pm

  • Joel Peress (INSEAD), “The media and the diffusion of information”. [Video]
  • Alejandro Bernales, (Santiago): “How fast can you trade…” [Video]

Programme 24 – 25 juin 2013 (FR)

Program INEXC 24 – 25 june 2013